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Foodbank Victoria is an independent not-for-profit organisation with more than 80 years’ food relief experience. We are the state’s oldest and largest organisation of our kind.

We believe every Victorian deserves healthy food, yet 1 in 10 Victorians don’t know where their next meal is coming from and 1 in 7 children go to school hungry.

Our aim is to provide healthy food for all.
Each monFoodbank_20160202_013th, we source and distribute food to 134,000 Victorians who rely on our food assistance – including 38,000 children.

We collect surplus food from across Victoria, weigh and sort it into orders, then distribute it to a network of over 900 community partners to feed hungry Victorians.

As a member of the State Government’s Emergency Response and Recovery Committee, we are also there in times of disaster as the leading provider of emergency food relief to Victorian communities.

Our impact in 2015-16

In the 2015-16, we sourced and distributed 7.4 million kilograms of food from our Yarraville warehouse – a 5% increase from 2014-15.

In addition, we facilitated around 3 million kilograms of food through Community Foodshare partners in Dandenong, Shepparton, Warrnambool, Bendigo and Wodonga.

Combined, our total distribution is an impressive 10.4 million kilograms or the equivalent of over 18 million meals to Victorians facing food insecurity in both metropolitan and regional areas of the state.

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