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It’s estimated that in the next 12 months 526,000 people will run out of food and rely on food relief assistance as provided by Foodbank Victoria for their next meal.

Foodbank Victoria accepts food donations (which are fit for consumption) from growers, manufacturers, and local businesses. You can donate excess stock, products near the end of their shelf-life, or you can dedicate a proportion of your output to Foodbank Victoria.

We receive and redistribute from farmers, manufacturers and retailers. This includes product that is out of specification, close to date code, has incorrect labeling or damaged packaging as well as excess stock and deleted lines.

If you think you can help, please complete the Donate Food Form below or get in contact with our Food Donor Department.

Through our Key Staples Program, we partner with food companies who donate ingredients and services to produce, process, package and transport essential items such as breakfast cereals, pasta and sauce and tinned fruit and vegetables.

We accept and distribute non-perishable food and grocery donations from the public collected via food drives. Find out how you can hold a food drive.

Donate Food

To make a food donation, please complete the required form here. We will then be in contact to discuss your donation.

Food Donor Department Contact Details

Email: ua.gr1487808945o.air1487808945otciv1487808945knabd1487808945oof@d1487808945oof1487808945

Phone: 03 9362 8300

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