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A question we’re constantly asked at Foodbank Victoria is ‘Where does your food come from?

The answer: Our incredible donors.

At Foodbank we collect excess food from farmers, manufacturers and wholesalers. This includes products that for one reason or another can’t enter the retail chain. We receive a variety of stock, including top quality, end-of-line, mislabelled and overrun stock

All of which is still suitable for people to eat.

This includes fruit and vegetables that do not meet retail specifications; excess produce from high yielding harvests; and goods that may simply have damaged packaging but are still entirely safe to the consumer.

In Victoria, we rely on the support of local businesses, manufacturers and producers. We have been working with our donors to establish long term targets of higher quantities of healthy, nutritious foods rather than short term donations of short code, short life foods with little nutritional value.

Many of our fresh fruit and vegetable donor relationships have been established through our affiliation with the Melbourne Market Authority. Acting as a drop off point for many of our fresh produce donors, the wholesale market eases pressure on Foodbank’s already limited logistics fleet whilst creating a convenient donation process for our supporters.

Our involvement in the Foodbank Australia federation has given us access to almost 50 national donors, many of whom provide ongoing support of key staple food items and logistic solutions. Through our relationship with Foodbank Australia, we have access to the successful Key Staples Program. This brings true partnership innovation to the sector by encouraging Australia’s leading food manufacturers to donate or subsidise the ingredients and services required to produce, process, pack and transport food items.

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