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Remember what it feels like to be hungry? 

Headache… Pain. Feeling light headed.

Empty. Hollow. A rumbling tummy.

Hunger isn’t something you see, but it’s something you feel.

A new report reveals more children are being forced to skip meals and go hungry in Australia. More than 1 in 5 children have gone hungry in the past year alone – for some it’s a monthly or weekly occurrence.

We cannot sit by while our children suffer.

Please will you donate before June 30, so fewer children are forced to go hungry.

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Every parent wants to be able to provide a safe, warm home for their child. With the ever increasing cost of housing, and electricity bills also going up, the choice between keeping their home and keeping food on the table is becoming increasingly common for many families.

Louise’s family knows this well. 

A mum of four children aged 20, 17, 13 and 10, Louise lost her husband two years ago. He’d been unable to work since having a heart attack in 2009, and further health complications took their toll, right up until his death in 2016.

It was a tough time. Not only did Louise lose her husband, but the financial struggle was impacting her kids.

Her eldest, Nathan, remembers: ‘although Mum tries to hide the money side of things, I knew. As a typical older sibling, I would have to go without, so my siblings could take food to school. I’d always be trying to explain to them why they couldn’t have a treat—we needed the money.’

While Nathan cut back where he could, his mum was skipping meals. Louise told me: ‘I would go without to feed the kids.’

She’s not alone. A new report reveals that to make ends meet, many families are skipping meals. It often starts with the parents. In fact, 9 in 10 parents from struggling homes will regularly skip meals so their children can eat. Eventually, children like Nathan start to go without, too.

Please click here to help Victorian families doing it tough.

Louise knows how painful this can be for a parent: ‘It’s hard not to give your kids what every other child has. And, it’s hard for them to understand why you can’t give that to them.’

No child should ever go hungry.

We may not be able to see their hunger, but they feel it. And we can stop it.

In a country where there is so much to eat, it is heartbreaking that so many children go hungry.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and a gift from you today will help make sure more families have enough food to eat.

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