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Last year Foodbank rescued 37 million kilograms of food and groceries – highlighting the phenomenal volume of edible food that, without Foodbank, may otherwise be sent to landfill.

In Victoria, more than 8 million kilograms of food was donated or sourced through manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and growers. This volume is the equivalent of providing 14 million meals to people in need.

We receive food for a variety of reasons. This includes fresh produce and other food that does not meet retail specifications, is excess to requirements or from a high-yielding harvest, is close to its best-before date, has incorrect labelling or damaged packaging, or is from a discontinued line. Without Foodbank, much of this would simply go to landfill.

We distribute this food, and other household and hygiene items, to charities across the state. More than 100,000 Victorians are being assisted each month through our food relief partners.

But despite rescuing large amounts of food, and helping large numbers of people, there is still far more to be done.

More than 5 million tonnes of edible food is being thrown away by Australian consumers and the commercial and industrial sector each year. Food waste is estimated to cost our economy around $20 billion annually! At the same time, the Foodbank Hunger Report 2017 revealed that 3.6 million Australians have experienced food insecurity at some point in the last 12 months. This means that for 15% of Australia’s population, there has been at least one time in the last year when they didn’t have enough food for themselves or their family and could not afford to buy more food.

It’s hard to believe this is happening in the ‘lucky country’, where we produce enough food for 60 million people.

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