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F2F_OnlineAssets_v2_campaign banner v2 815x226Each year an unquantifiable amount of fresh food produce goes to landfill. This waste is generated throughout the food processing and purchasing chain but for farmers in particular, it is often cost prohibitive to donate their surplus or slightly imperfect stock.

And yet, approximately 108,700 Victorians rely on food relief services each month, over 32,000 of these are children.

The new Farms to Families® program, will rescue up to 1 million kilograms of fresh vegetables directly from the farm gate. This fresh and nutritious produce will be sent directly to the welfare agencies and charities that Foodbank supports.

The program will

  1. Bridge the current gap in emergency food relief
  2. Assist welfare agencies to expand their food relief reach and impact
  3. Support the Australian agriculture industry
  4. Financially contribute to individual farmers for their otherwise unsaleable produce
  5. Contribute to a more sustainable environment by redirecting this fresh food away from landfill

For the people directly receiving this produce, they will be able to access it through a Farmers’ Market style environment within their community.

The markets not only provide a variety and range of fresh produce that the recipients often can’t afford but it creates community connectivity and destigmatises the need to seek food relief. The Farm to Families program gives people access to fresh and nutritious food in a meaningful and non-threatening way that maintains dignity and fosters connectivity with their community.

Each of the Pop Up Farmers’ Markets is staffed by Foodbank and its community and corporate volunteers.

With the introduction of Farms to Families®, Foodbank Victoria is able to ensure that foods of high nutritional value are delivered to the most disadvantaged people on a more frequent and consistent basis.

Your support will enable us to continue our crucial work ensuring everyone in Victoria has access to the fresh food they need to be healthy and connected members of their communities.



You can also download the Farms to Families® program flyer at the following link.

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