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December 20, 2016
Julianne is a monthly donor to Foodbank Victoria

Julianne-lo-res“I think it’s important to help people who are struggling to meet basic needs, like food, housing and education. Communities are much better places when the people doing it tough are looked after.

I donate to Foodbank Victoria because it’s so effective: it delivers more food, to more people, for less cost than any of the other charities operating in the sector. The environmental positives also appeal to me. The food Foodbank Victoria distributes would otherwise go to landfill.

The length of time Foodbank Victoria has been helping people and the enormous scale on which it operates make it unique. It has a huge network of supporters all striving for the straightforward goal of making healthy food available to everyone.

Not only does Foodbank Victoria deliver a staggering amount of food, but its size and reach enables it to successfully run ongoing initiatives like Key Staples, the School Breakfast Program, and Farms to Families.

I’m impressed by the calibre of people working at and involved with the organisation. The collaboration and teamwork is awesome – the common goal of getting as much food to as many people in need as possible is always at the forefront.

If you’re thinking of donating to Foodbank Victoria, I’d say get on board! After starting with a couple of one-off donations, I decided to become a regular giver via credit card donation. The monthly amount is not large, but lots of small amounts really do add up to something big.

I hope that my support goes a small way to empowering people in need and enabling them to better reach their potential. And I hope that my donations illustrate that other people do care.”

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